Proferred Contractors


Many people ask about our roof.  I highly recommend the Brava products and Authentic Restoration for the installation.  

Brava is a composite roofing material that is produced to look like high quality slate, shake tiles, or barrel tiles.  The material is amazing and highly durable with a modest R Value and long life.  Find them on the web at:

Installation is key.  We used Authentic Restoration from Charlotte.  They have moved but still can help you.  They deal with all roofing products, repaired soffits, coordinated gutter installation, and stood behind their work.  Contact: and 

ask for Mark Craney

Exterior Painting

That is right... Our mustard yellow house is no longer mustard.  She is a beautiful blue with many amazing details highlighted thanks to the terrific painting contractor we used Premier Paint out of Cornelius.  Their team was efficient and did an amazing job.  Very few touchups were needed.  They came in with a large crew and completed the work in a week... just in time for my wedding.  

Contact Premier Painting in Cornelius at and at 


Ask for Daniel

Landscaping / Hardscaping

There is not much I can say here other than WOW!  We had a really negative first experience with our first landscaper but then decided that it was worth it to us to pay to not repeat that experience by paying for the quality we wanted and needed.  There just is no comparison.  Tim Johnson's Landscaping did an impeccable job putting in our patio for our wine garden, all walkways, dealing with major drainage issues, installing irrigation, establishing low maintenance planting beds, securing privacy with planting materials, maximizing the wow factor of our property, putting in sod and seed.  It was no easy task and they are not cheap but they are the best and it shows.  Anyone can cut the grass, but it takes Tim to make your home an estate - a park like environment.